Vision and Mission


PRONI Center for Youth Development has a vision that all young people have the ability to develop themselves and equal opportunity to contribute to a democratic and just society in which their needs are acknowledged and resolved. Activism, collaboration and understanding among people are an integral part of the democratic and just society.


PRONI Center for Youth Development is working on bridging the barriers that create differences within society. We work for individuals and groups in society that will have the benefit of the labor organization with a special focus on young people. We cooperate with all organizations in the NGO sector, institutions, government agencies at all levels within the state, funds and agencies outside of BiH that share the same goals and values as well as individuals who have intellectual and economic potential to support those ideas, goals and values. PRONI Center is implementing its peace work education and peace work methodology in the post-war areas where society expressed the need for social reconstruction. PRONI Center currently operates in North-Eastern Bosnia and Hercegovina.

PRONI Center for Youth Development is working on the development of a democratic society through: 

  1. Protection and promotion of human rights

  2. Youth work in the community

  3. Social and self education

  4. Peace-Building and reconciliation

  5. Inter-sector and cross-sector cooperation

  6. Support youth initiatives

  7. Promoting EU integration

  8. Local community development

  9. Promoting of healthy youth lifestyle

  10. Fundraising

  11. Transgeneration development